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About us

The Wales for Africa Health links represents a unique response from Wales in relation to addressing the sustainable development goals (SDG) delivery as it harnesses the expertise which exists within the NHS in Wales and a counterpart in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are proud to be part of the Hub Cymru Africa partnership.

There is a high level of commitment and support from Public Health Wales and the Welsh Governments Wales for Africa Program.


A world where people live a happier, healthier and fairer life.


The promotion and protection of good health in Africa and Wales in particular but not exclusively by establishing partnerships between health workers in Wales and Africa.


  1. Partnership

  2. Co-leadership

  3. Humility

  4. Needs-based


  1. Excellent governance

  2. Financial stability

  3. High-quality sustainable partnerships

  4. Undertaking best practice

  5. Demonstrating Impact

Meet the Trustees

Click to learn more about our Trustees.

julia terry 5_edited.jpg

Dr Julia Terry

Israa Mohammed.jpg

Israa Mohammed

Amanda Daniel.jpg

Amanda Daniel

Paul Meet the Trustees.png

Dr Paul Myres

David Zilkha.jpg

David Zilkha


Ms Zainab Nur

52salem&me (2)_edited.jpg

Dr Gordon H Lewis

Ewan Wilkinson pic.jpg

Prof Ewan Wilkinson

K Swamynathan pic.jpg

Kokila Swamynathan

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