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Ms Zainab Nur

Zainab Nur joined the Board in January 2020.

Zainab Nur set up Hidden Voices UK with like-minded people which is a campaign to challenge the misleading FGM narrative. She worked in the Public Sector as a Professional Social Worker for over a 25-year period, mainly in Mental Health Services and Child Protection.

In the last 5 years, she has given her time freely in advocating for people’s rights to their entitlement to public services. She is passionate about women & girls rights and has a long history of being a community activist; especially addressing inequality issues.


At present she works in supporting families in care proceedings, as members of marginalised communities are misrepresented wrongly. As a result, they need support to understand the legal process when children are taken into care. In her free time, she actively campaigns against the misleading Anti-FGM narrative that has led to members of marginalised communities being referred to safeguarding and racially profiled by discriminatory FGM guidelines.


She tends to organise events to highlight these issues as she feels the current discourse has been misleading and harmful to our communities.

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