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“Wales’s Health Partnerships with Africa” Health Minister Review

We are delighted that the Welsh Government Health Minister agreed in late 2020 to fund a review focussed on two key areas for us: how Wales can access a greater share of the UK ODA budget, and how Wales can build the capacity of health partnership activity in Wales.

We were supported in this by THET who led this review on our behalf, holding the budget and recruiting and managing the short term International Health Coordinator who carried out this review. We were very fortunate to recruit an excellent researcher, Dr Kit Chalmers, who has led a Welsh health partnership herself, and who managed to complete the reviews within the very tight timescale of three months.

Many of you will have contributed to this review through interviews or electronic surveys. Both reports have been delivered to the Health Minister at the end of March, as final drafts, and will be released once the Health Minister has approved them. Because of the Senedd elections, this is likely to be in May or June.

So WATCH THIS SPACE! However, the WaAHLN Board will be picking up on the conclusions and acting on any recommendations that are in our power to take forward, especially for training and capacity building. Three webinars for Welsh health partnerships were organised as part of this project by Dr Kit Chalmers (on the UKPHS grants scheme and on taking a GESI approach .)

Featured image courtesy of Nick Fewings on Unsplash. This image has in no way been altered. Image license is available here.


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