Manifesto for Senedd elections May 2021

Wales and Africa Health Links Network are partners in Hub Cymru Africa. We align ourselves with all friends in international development to call on all candidates for the Senedd elections to continue and build on the support for the Wales and Africa program. Here are our specific ideas in our manifesto:

Principles of global health

1. Tackle inequalities in health: one world, one village.

2. Invest in and value health workers everywhere.

3. The consequences of our actions should no longer be to ‘do no harm’ but to achieve positive change.

Five things that Wales can achieve:

1. Seek a settlement with the UK Government that allows institutions and organisations in Wales to mobilise using Overseas Development Aid, driven by the priorities of partners in Sub-Sahara Africa and their partners in Wales.

2. Co-produce with partners in Wales and Sub-Saharan Africa a global development strategy that is based on partnership and areas of mutual concern. This should review the Wales and Africa Program which has not changed significantly since 2006.

3. Ensure that the Charter for International Health Partnerships is implemented in full by driving the ability of health boards and trusts, and Health Education and Improvement Wales, to reduce global health inequalities and deliver their globally responsible duties through education, workforce strategies and resourcing.

4. Enable and support the scaling up of health partnerships with sub-Saharan Africa and maximise their impact: use all the expertise and strengths of the Welsh health sector: public, voluntary, academic and commercial.

5. Coordinate the work of the Wales and Africa Program, the International Health Coordination Centre and Health Education and Improvement Wales, to ensure delivery of global health ambitions, and move effectively to more digital and low carbon approaches.

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