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eNewsletter Gorffennaf/ July 2018 (2)

Dear Health Links member Welcome to the Gorffennaf/ July 2018 (2) newsletter. Well Friday 13th July was a very successful day- from the shared learning event in the morning, to the AGM and to end with David Nott lecture. The Shared learning event's highlights were Namibia and Zambian students presenting on their experiences of their ERASMUS 3 month placement at Cardiff University through the Phoenix Project- I am sure we witnessed future Ministers of Health for Namibia and Zambia! Other highlights were DOLEN's project on mental health, and how epilepsy is still regarded as a mental condition; the ONS projects on helping retrieve and formulate data/ information in elections, births, deaths etc within Kenya and other countries; Jane Hutt updated us on the Vale for Africa work, with emphasis on the eye problems and solutions; and last but not least PONT reminded us of the need to look at simple solutions to solve big problems i.e. the motorbike ambulance. We had a very knowledgable audience and again we shared experiences over coffee and lunch.
The AGM followed, and our long standing Chairman, Dr Tony Jewell stepped down, and our Vice Chairman Dr Kathrin Thomas took over as our Chair. The AGM was an opportunity to thank Tony for his commitment to the Wales for Africa agenda and our charity. We also showed our appreciation by naming a section of the Wales for Africa Conference after him, and we believe that he will be the first speaker for the Tony Jewell sponsored session. Secretary continues and we have new Trustees- Dr Mac Walapu; Brian Eaton and Alan Owens; and Dr Gordon Lewis has been promoted from observer to Trustee. We also welcome Dr Hilary Lewis and Dr Chris Johns as Observers. Welcome all. Gill Richardson and Lucy Fagan will be representing IHCC (Public Health Wales) on our Board as Observers. The Chair read his report and the treasurer's report, and we also lose our Treasurer Mike Grant, who has stepped down from the role and trustee, many thanks for all the work, Mike. We voted and accepted that the charity will have its first Patron, Jane Hutt AM, and the constitution will change to reflect this. David Nott's lecture We were privileged to have the renowned surgeon originally from Carmarthen, share his experiences in various countries throughout the World- mainly countries with difficulties such as War, conflicts- that impinge on the health of the population, especially the most vulnerable. David shared experiences with a mixed audience, and we saw the brilliance of the surgeon, the humility of the man, who confessed having difficulties adjusting after seeing torture and difficult situations. If anyone is interested in knowing more, please look up the David Nott Foundation, and get involved! We at the Wales for Africa Health Links Network, don't rest on our laurels! We are now in full preparations for this year's Conference which we can now state where and when. Wales for Africa Conference Venue: Temple of Peace Date: 10th October 2018 Theme: Global citizenship and health Speakers- all to be confirmed, but we have some themes for our break away sessions- Nursing, Charter implementation group, mental health, disability. Therefore its over to you- do you or your link want to be represented at the Conference? Are you doing mental health or disability awareness as part of your projects? tell us so we can include you, as we need grass-root examples of current projects to balance the strategic and high level discussions on the day. If your a nurse, like me, let me know how nursing is changing the health within your respected countries that you work with. If there are any aspects of health that you feel we should cover and you have a great speaker suggestion- get in touch, always appreciate any ideas! The WFAHLN officer contacts are: Chairman: Dr Kathrin Thomas email Secretary: Buddug Nelson Treasurer and Vice Chair posts to be decided at our next meeting. The registered Charity Number is 1155020 The registered address is Temple of Peace and Health, King Edward VII Ave, Cardiff CF10 3AP