DFID Announce Extension to the Health Partnership Scheme

We are delighted to say that, after several months of discussion, DFID has agreed an extension of the Health Partnership Scheme and awarded THET a grant to carry out the work.

The extension runs until February 2019, by which time it is hoped that the government will have come to a decision about a full-scale successor programme. The new funding provides a grants pool of a little over £1.5m and will be used to fund successful health partnerships in a limited number of countries. There will be two grant streams, one for small projects (probably up to £40,000) and the second for projects up to £120,000. There will be a twelve-month implementation period for projects, hopefully running from November 2017 to November 2018.

Under the title of Sustainability, Scale-up and Access these new grant streams allow an opportunity to implement some of the key recommendations in the DFID evaluation of the programme, published in October last year.

We are working with DFID to agree issues around programme design and we will make a formal call for applications on Monday 21 August when full details will be available. We are also planning to run two webinars for potential applicants, details of which will also be announced on 21 August.