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Welcome to Wales and Africa Health Links Network

Patient and Nurse

Recognising the Contribution NHS Diaspora Staff Make to Global Health

Internationally trained healthcare workers are the backbone of healthcare systems in Wales and the UK, where a significant proportion of doctors and nurses are trained abroad.


The shared learning event, “Recognising the Contribution NHS Diaspora Staff Make to Global Health,” engages with the findings and recommendations of THET’s “Experts in our Midst” report.


It recognises the central role of NHS diaspora staff, not only in providing healthcare within Wales and the UK, but also in strengthening healthcare systems on a global scale, both individually and through organisations.

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Supporting Wales-based health and well-being projects in Africa

Our Annual Tony Jewell took place on 15th December 2022,  with Dr Pierre Somse, Minister of Health and Population in the Central African Republic; and Prof Samer Jabbour, Founding Chair of the Global Alliance on War, Conflict, and Health.​


To support health partnerships between Wales and Africa to contribute to the UN Development Goals.


  1. To advocate for health partnerships to enable them to have maximum impact

  2. To establish a sustainable, effective and efficient funding model for health partnerships

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